In multiple ways, we can receive and deliver your files such as Dropbox, we transfer, Google Drive, and FTP. Most of our customers use Dropbox. This medium allows us fast and easy access to images so we may start your editing as fast as possible. If you don’t have Dropbox or prefer not to use Dropbox feel free to use we transfer, Google Drive or FTP.

Fastest turnaround time (12-18 hours) of time, usually we need to complete an order. However, time may vary depending on multiple things like project complexity, form, size. Just send us your needs, and we will update you with the expected time required to fulfill the order.

We have a range of worldwide clients. Who outsource their image editing needs to us. Our leading clients’ list includes Real estate agency, Real estate photographers, Marketing companies, catalog companies, Modeling companies, and Photo studios, amongst others.

Not so. There is no specific format to send or receive the images. You can send your photos for processing in any convenient size or resolution. Also, we will deliver the pictures in any format like CR2, ARW, DNG, GIF, PSD, RAW, TIFF, JPEG, NEF, PNG, etc. as per your needs..

There is no size limit to upload images. If you are uploading files through our website, the maximum file size could be only up to 2 MB. Once you are ready for contract-based work, you can use cloud services such as dropbox and google drive or traditional FTP services.

Yes, we do provide, and it’s free for small samples so that you can understand our work quality.

The prices for a project or individual images will vary on multiple numbers of factors. For example, the price for Image editing usually ranges between USD 0.50 to USD 5 per photo depends on the type of an input image. If you are looking for a free trial, you can share a few of your sample images and share us your requirements. The free trial will help you to find out the quality of our work, and we will provide a quote. You can share the images through Dropbox, We transfer, or google drive. For regular practice, we can create a dedicated FTP account for you.

We are working on 24 / 7 basics for 365 days per year. We are available always, and we are open to work at any time.

We receive payments either through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

We take confidentiality, copyright, and privacy very seriously. We would not merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, sell, or disseminate images to any third-party.

Outsourcing image editing services to Creativefotoz offers you so many advantages. You will get high quality and professional services delivered by skilled image editing professionals at pocket-friendly prices. You will get your images enhanced using advanced photo editing software in state-of-the-art image editing infrastructural facility, within quick turnaround time.